Swiftness and coordination are the base of our work

The fishing sector is rapidly growing. Our clients know it, and they come to us looking for swiftness, dynamism and flexibility, FITOGA’s work methodology allows us to offer a rapid and orderly response to our clients’ needs.


We will find
the vessel you need

Trawlers, longliners, purse seiners...

Regardless of the type of vessel you need, FITOGA offers you its services as shipbrokers.
We act as intermediaries in sale and purchase transactions, we provide advice on the actual value of vessels, their characteristics and the existing business opportunities. Once you have chosen your vessel, we will supervise the whole operation and will take care of all the relevant administrative formalities so that you are ready to sail as soon as possible.

Comprehensive advice on sale and purchase transactions
and the construction of new fishing vessels
Evaluation of fishing vessels.
Export and import of vessels.
Sale and purchase of fishing quotas


We will guide you in the
construction of new vessels

Building a fishing vessel is a long journey. FITOGA can walk you through this process, thanks to our contacts in a variety of shipbuilding companies and to our extensive experience as a fishing consulting firm.

FITOGA offers a comprehensive service for new constructions: from the selection of the most adequate shipbuilder or the definition of the technical characteristics of the vessel, to the search for funding and the processing of all the necessary documentation before the relevant authorities.

Leading companies
in the Spanish fishing industry have trusted FITOGA


Fishing quotas and licenses

You need more than a boat and a crew in order to fish. If you are interested in purchasing or selling fishing licenses, quotas or rights, within or outside the EU, FITOGA offers you a service based on its extensive experience, for both Spanish and foreign fleets.
In the last few years we have managed the sale of the rights of "Sole Bank" vessels and actively participated in ship registration processes in countries such as France.

If you wish to purchase or sell your fishing license or quota, or start a joint venture, please fill in the following form.


We foresee forthcoming events
by applying our knowledge

FITOGA provides its clients with a comprehensive and personalized consultancy service. The fishing industry is very complex, especially in a time where processes have become shorter and decision-making must be quick and efficient.
The close relationship we maintain with fishing companies, our large network of collaborators and the experience of our staff allow us to foresee forthcoming events in an environment that is constantly evolving. Moreover, we have entered into collaboration agreements with prestigious law firms specialized in maritime law and with external consulting firms.

Comprehensive consultancy / Market studies / Economic and financial analysis
/ Processing of corporate documentation. / Ship registration / Financial support

The confidentiality, ethics and swiftness of our work are the foundation of our company’s credibility, efficiency, reputation and success.
FITOGA is a company that offers comprehensive consultancy services: we analyze, coordinate, act as intermediaries, propose different courses of action and monitor the whole management process until it is completed.

We try to gather as much information as possible, in a safe, rational and personalized manner. Depending on the client's needs, we develop tools for sharing knowledge and we use the most suitable communication channels to obtain as much information as possible in the safest, most rational and personalized manner.

Managing knowledge, accountability, mutual trust. We put ourselves in the client's shoes, we make their problems our own, we evaluate the situation, propose alternative solutions and make joint decisions.


Everything your vessel
may need in Vigo

FITOGA Shipbrokers acts as a shipping agency, providing all the services their clients may need in relation to both vessel supplies and administrative formalities at the port of Vigo.

More than 875,000 tons of fresh and frozen fish were handled in Vigo in 2017, which gives an idea of the importance of this city in terms of global fishing and the large number of companies related to the fishing industry that are based within its area of influence.

Processing of documentation.
Services for vessels at the port of Vigo.

We are committed to scheduling operations in such a manner that vessels never stay in port longer than necessary. This way, we save shipowners some crucial time and we considerably reduce the costs resulting from a prolonged stay.
As part of the work we do in this area, we must emphasize the professional support we provide in terms of dealing with the required administrative formalities concerning the vessel: Customs, Port Authorities, Inspections…

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