and efficiency
are our hallmark

We offer a swift and efficient response to the needs of our clients. We put ourselves in the shipowner's shoes: we analyze the situation, gather information, filter it, propose the most adequate course of action, implement the agreed solution and monitor it until the issue is solved.

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We have a clear understanding of the fishing sector and we know, as shipbrokers and consultants, that the information in our custody must be handled in a safe and responsible manner. As a result, our relationship with our clients and our daily work is based on trust, ethics and confidentiality.


We work
to build a strong
foundation for growth

Since 1998 some of the most important fishing companies in Spain have placed their trust in us and we have participated in growth and expansion projects with companies such as Grupo Profand, Grupo Pereira, Grupo Regal or Grupo Iberconsa.

We listen to our clients, we make their problems and demands our own, and we seek solutions that allow them to advance their business We want them to expand their operations and scope of action while ensuring a strong foundation is built.

Professional network

We have a strong, experienced team

Forward-looking approach

We foresee forthcoming events in an increasingly complex environment


Leaders in Comprehensive Consultancy


We have more than 20 years of experience behind us, which makes us the best option

Comprehensive advice on sale and purchase transactions and the construction of new fishing vessels
Evaluation of fishing vessels.
Export and import of vessels.
Sale and purchase of fishing quotas.

Fishing consultants02
Fishing consultancy.
Market studies.
Economic and financial analysis.
Processing of corporate documentation.
Vessel registration.

Shipping agencies03
Processing of documentation.
Services for vessels at the port of Vigo.

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