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Managing knowledge,

assuming responsibilities,

reciprocal trust and efficiency

Purchases · Sales · Intermediary
Negotiation · Financing · Evaluation

Databases for fishing vessels worldwide · National and international experience · Market study and analysis · Market evaluation for vessels · Reports on financial and/or structural aid, nationally and internationally · Good relationship with shipyards and ship suppliers · Personalised service · Negotiation techniques


A strategic alliance with professionals from marine industries has situated us in a unique position

FITOGA offers an integral service. We understand a purchasing or sales operation as something more than a commercial transaction, requiring an exhaustive analysis of all aspects of the operation, and the alternatives that the market offers.

The company's management has been advising fishing companies for over twenty years and has all the relevant experience, knowledge and ability necessary to produce reports on the overall situation of the fishing fleet.

The consultancy department will participate in the elaboration of the relevant reports for the legal, fiscal, financial and documental – such as contracts, certificates and vessel registrations– aspects and possible structural aid.

The brokerage department will then guide them on the real market value of new or second hand units, price fluctuations, technical characteristics, business opportunities and the latest situation of fishing grounds on a national and international level.