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We foresee

forthcoming events,

and assess our clients accordingly

Economic and financial environment

In an increasingly dynamic, complex and variable environment where processes are shortened and decision-making has to be swift, our company can provide customized attention to companies and offer its knowledge, methodology and resources.

Fishing consultancy

First rate companies from the Fishing industry have confided in us

What we provide How we do it What we understand by assessment

Knowledge, advice and professional experience

FITOGA is a company that provides integral consultancy services: we analyse, coordinate, intermediate, propose alternatives, accord with the client, and apply and monitor the process until its resolution.

We put at your disposal our knowledge, assessment and experience of many years. We offer our clients an exclusively tailored and individual service.

We look for as much information as possible in a safe, rational and personalised way.

Depending on the client's requirements, we develop tools for sharing knowledge, and we use the most suitable communication channels to obtain as much information as possible in the safest, most rational and bespoke way.

We put ourselves in the client's shoes, making their problem our own: we evaluate the situation, propose alternative solutions and make joint overall decisions.

We have business collaboration and cooperation agreements with prestigious law firms with specialised lawyers in maritime law and external consultancy.

Managing knowledge, assuming responsibilities, reciprocal trust

All the knowledge of the human team that makes up our company is made available to the client, and any necessary support during the management process is given so the transaction and/or management are completed satisfactorily with reliability and efficiency.

Transactions are dynamic, variable and global; and thus contribute to the growth of the company. A team of professionals aid to evaluate and create a structure, which facilitates the necessary information for operations with the maximum guarantee and security.