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Confidentiality, ethics and diligence

FITOGA is today one of the leading Spanish companies in providing services as ship brokers and fishing consultants.

This solid leading position has not been achieved by chance, and could not be maintained were it not for the continuous effort and determination to improve of the team of professionals working at the company.

Confidentiality, ethics and diligence

Confidentiality, ethics and diligence are the true basis of our company's credibility, efficiency, image and success.

We establish a working process with pre-established tools and methodology, which allows us to know the different stages as well as the present situation of all orders, and the corresponding follow-up.

We are part of a competitive, global market where information results in differential values and we therefore treat each matter with the utmost confidentiality and exclusivity.

Efficiency in the presentation of service

Any work entrusted to FITOGA is a challenge. We meet the needs and expectations of a client with quality system tools that combine the principles of our company:

  • Solid knowledge and a professional standpoint.
  • A relationship of utmost mutual trust with clients, based on years of work and satisfactory results. We listen, analyse and propose alternative solutions.
  • All procedures entrusted to Fitoga have a detailed follow-up, and precise information is given to the client until the moment the project is finished.

Integral service

There is a wide number of factors involved in the majority of work undertaken, and our departments work in teams to establish the relative elements that entail a multi-disciplinary study of the company's personnel - legal, financial, fiscal and human aspects, among others.

We offer an impartial vision of the matter and suggest those proposals we consider to be of greatest interest and concern to our clients.

Company cooperation

Our experience over the years endorses our belief that cooperation enables companies to achieve a greater operational dimension and capacity for action without losing the individual advantages of smaller companies: independence, flexibility, dynamism and adaptability to prompt changes.

  • Improvement of competitive position - Access to new markets
  • Access to high-cost resources - Access to complementary resources
  • Quality improvement - Technological enhancement
  • Process integration - Creation of new businesses
  • Synergies – Access to information and know-how